It's Not A Tumah!

i drove to kernersville last night to shorten my trip to fort bragg by about an hour and a half. i knew i’d be freaking out well beyond my limit so the less i have to drive, the better. anyway, my stepmom and i were buying paint at lowe’s last night and i realized–THERE’S A GIANT LUMP ON THE BACK OF MY HEAD. :mad:

this confuses me for a few reasons. i really don’t remember hitting my head on anything, and i would think that a bug capable of producing a knot/lump/bump this large and hard (ew) would have killed me by now, surely. it feels like a knot, kind of like the one i got after splitting my head open on my 18th birthday or when i headbutted adam’s windshield. i mean, i drank last saturday night after the LAN, but i did not consume nearly enough alcohol to have lost my memory… especially memory of a blow to the head powerful enough to make a GIANT LUMP ON THE BACK OF MY HEAD.

it’s really irritating because it hurts like it’s bruised and if i shaved all my hair off, it would look like i had a deformed head. or a tumor. i kept asking my stepmom, “are you sure it’s not a tumor?” knowing good and well that she’s not a doctor of any kind and would have no way of telling. but something about hearing, “NO, WHITNEY, IT’S NOT A TUMOR” is comforting when there is no explanation for what it really could be.

if something bad happens–jill, i want you to keep my flails and my skullaxe. and then make a sweet post on my website about how Fedora made my head grow a golfball-sized tumor and explode. :eek:

T-Minus: 2 hours and 50 minutes until ADAM FLIES IN!!! let the butterflies begin. i think i might be more excited about the fact that i get to drive his truck AND i’ll be wearing my cowboy boots. :wink: