In The Middle Of The Night

i don’t know what i was dreaming about, but it made sense at the time. everything makes sense at 1AM.

W: where are my headphones??

B: what are you talking about?


B: you aren’t making any sense. why do you need your headphones?

W: but.. but.. i need my headphones. where are they!

B: whitney! that doesn’t make sense! go to sleep!

W: what doesn’t… what… what DOESN’T make sense? why doesn’t that make sense? what doesn’t make sense about needing my headphones!

B: whitney, go to sleep.

W: uuufuweaifogegh!!!

i think at that point, i got up to go to the bathroom, and then grumbled and went back to sleep. i was still pissed because, in my half-asleep mind, i needed my damn headphones, brett wasn’t buying it, and he TOTALLY blew me off.

the last time this happened, i woke up and started yelling at my ex boyfriend because he didn’t want any Play-Doh.

no more red wine before going to sleep.