I’m A Sucker For Cute

i decided to keep thor. originally, jessica agreed to take him once she moved into her new place. after taking care of him for the past few weeks, i feel like she’ll have to rip him from my cold dead hands before i give him up. she doesn’t really seem to want him, anyway. also, he talks a lot. a LOT. and purrs after you give him a bath and towel him off. and he’s obsessed with purses and backpacks. and paper towel rolls. he is loving the high life. :tongue: plus, he and rampage are basically BFFs now. honestly, could you break something this adorable apart?!

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  • jordan says:

    yeah, it looks like thor & rampage were definitely meant to be. i want a kitten badly but we have 3 dogs that wouldn't be very welcoming to a cute ball of fluff.

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