i'm a slacker

i’ve been all over the damn place since i last posted. easter break for me was thursday-wednesday morning so i’ve had quite the vacation.

last thursday i went to thirsty thursday at the w-s warthogs game with rodda, jenna, liz, and bennie fats! we won, of course. we played myrtle beach and they got their asses handed to them. apparently the w-s stadium gives wristbands to the people who are 21 unlike the one in hickory so i didn’t even bother worrying about beer. i had a slushie and fries and felt left out of the gang but it was ok because my slushie was great and $4 so i didn’t feel like buying anything else after wasting that much money on it. :frown: oh well. it was still really fun and i got pictures. i need to put those up soon, too. we hung out at liz’s afterwards and played with rodda and jenna’s new dog. he’s huge and way too hyper for my liking but he’s a cute dog.

i went home and stayed in that night ’cause there wasn’t much to do on a thursday back home. friday was fun because i got to drive to go see adam. we went to pizza hut and had personal pan pizzas because i had the absolute worst craving ever for them. we hit up the mall (fayetteville mall HOORAY) again because that’s one of the few hot spots of this town and wandered around for a while. adam found out he had more money than he thought he did so he splurged quite a bit on new toys and shoes and stuff at dick’s sporting goods. he bought me a new pair of adidas flip flops that are freaking badass :heart: and so comfy! i haven’t had a pair of these since like middle school so i got super excited. i started getting cranky and tired from running around all afternoon and from being in the car (fayetteville traffic blows) so we went to the hotel and watched the movies on their little pay per view thing. we pulled an all nighter, well sort of. we watched movies until way late and then 6 AM rolled around when the continental breakfast started so of course he took advantage of that and i stumbled around like a zombie waiting to go back to bed. it was so exciting i can hardly contain myself! then we went back to bed and all was wonderful. sleep is one of the best things in the whole world.

saturday we finally got up around 1 and went to barnes and noble, the tattoo shop for adam to get his new tattoo started (i bought some sweet earrings too since all the balls were falling off mine), and we ended up back at the mall for subway, chinese food, and dippin’ dots. i’m addicted to those things. they’re my favorite ice cream besides vienetta. i think i’m the only person who remembers that stuff ’cause everyone i’ve asked has no clue what i’m talking about. i’m gonna find it someday in the grocery store and everyone will be jealous because it’s heavenly.

after all that fun, we went to see v for vendetta and had buncha crunch, orange soda, and popcorn!!! that movie was way better than i thought it was going to be. natalie portman is a badass and the whole movie had me completely sucked into it. we got out of it at 12:30 in the morning and made a taco bell run, went back to the hotel, got pajamas, ate taco bell, and watched movies on pay per view again. so..much..fun..!!!!!1

i had to wake up early that morning and work on my dad’s birthday present and get the heck out of fayetteville. i took adam back to the barracks and went to spend easter with my dad and stepmom. my mom went to see her parents and my dad was going to a cookout near home so it was just easier that way. my dad cooked steaks and hot wings and mashed taters & gravy (YES!!!) and we hung out for a couple hours. i only knew 2 other people there. the rest were mostly family from kernersville i suppose. there were a lot of kids but they were all 15-16 and i just kind of sat and avoided serious conversation for most of the afternoon.

i hung out at my dad’s house for a while and watched golf because my grandpa is addicted to it. i went back home and finally met my mom’s ex boyfriend from when she was 24 who she always talks about so now i can put a face to a name. guy was a little quirky, but aren’t we all? anyway, we watched TV the rest of the night and i sneezed for a few hours. the cat and the dog get to me more and more the longer i’m away from home, it’s ridiculous.

i got new tires on monday… how awesome is that? :cool: mine were pretty bad for having 53,000 miles on them. there was pretty much 0 tread left so it was well past time for it. the tire place was this little tiny garage off the highway and it was too cute. the one side was the tire place and this old man and his old man friend did everything while his wife ran the other side of the building in her craft store. there were old signs and advertisements and newspaper clippings and all kinds of antiques and things in there that were no doubt genuine. it was awesome. it reminded me of my grandparents and going to their house in south carolina and hanging out with them and my parents when i was little. and they played johnny cash and elvis all afternoon, so awesome. old people are great and i LOVE old music and everything about that time period. i think it’s because my mom always played/sang that music and it brings back awesome memories. it made me miss being little so much. while i was waiting on my car to be finished, random old men kept coming into the garage to say hey to the man working on my car and one of them sat down with me and he read magazines and kept asking me about my car and about my life. he was so cute, in a weird kind of way. he found out i went to appalachian and it turns out he and his wife lived in boone for 4 years. he was telling me all kinds of stories about how they stole the trays from the cafeterias and used them as sleds (that tradition continues :biggrin:) and how they always went to winkler’s creek and all the places that we all still hang out. it was so cool hearing about all that, and he told me his wife cried like hell all the way down the mountain when they moved away from boone.

i’m gonna miss boone this summer, definitely. but i’ll be back to visit and it’ll be nice to get out. i don’t like staying put and it’ll be nice to have a big change like this. adam and i are going to look at apartments this weekend. i’m stoked because i love looking at apartments/houses. it’s exciting.

iiiiii need sleep. i made pasta alfredo with chicken for dinner and elliott made me koolaid and i’m tired and stuffed. maybe i’ll turn on shrek 2 or under the tuscan sun to fall asleep to.

pictures will be up ASAP!