I Think I've Been Living Under A Rock

i don’t know how i could have considered myself a geek up until i got a job with a steady income. in the last 4 months, i’ve acquired my first gaming console since 1998 (yes, 1998, the original playstation), my first HD TV, and my first DVD player that did not also include a VHS player (which died about 2 years ago so i haven’t watched movies at home in… 2 years). it wasn’t until last night that i realized just how bad i am at cable management and how desperately i need to invest in either 1) twist ties or 2) zip ties. thank god i’m not using a wall mount or my “entertainment center” would look ridiculous.

i went to best buy after work and bought a blu-ray player. despite the ongoing debate on my facebook feed last night about whether i should buy a PS3 or a stand-alone player, i went with the stand-alone. i read a lot of good reviews about this one and a lot of really crappy ones, so i took advice from one of them and that was: test out every feature as soon as you buy it. which seems like one of those no-brainer things you’re supposed to do when you buy a new toy, however, the only thing going through my head normally is, “OH SHINY”.

i hooked it all up (and tried my damnedest to ignore the cluster-fuck that is the 2 surge protectors and 357 cables behind my TV stand) and… almost finished taking that advice. pandora and youtube will provide endless hours of entertainment. i’m a simple person. little things make me happy. i’m also a netflix noob (no DVD player also == no netflix) so that pretty much had me sidetracked for an hour. at least.

INSTANT QUEUE? ARE YOU SERIOUS? is it sad that i picked movies that are neither HD nor blu-ray as my first netflix adds? o_0 movies that are too old (although, timeless, mind you) so that they can’t really be upscaled? annie and casablanca. yes. i went there. i just bought a blu-ray player and have yet to experience the amazingness behind the entire purpose of buying it. i also put cats on my queue. thank you, mom, for enforcing the dork factor.

i did buy 2 movies at best buy: boondock saints and serenity. wednesday is my only free night of the week so i plan on watching one or both of them tonight when i get home from work and the DMV. and THEN i will have officially tested out every feature (i think). this is so exciting. :grin: