i must look like a freaking idiot

adammm… call me. i miss you and i hope you’re alright. :heart:

today i realized that whenever i’m driving around town, or wherever really, i make really weird faces and spontaneously burst into a fit of laughter a lot and i always have the windows down so people can definitely HEAR me singing. i was stopped at a stop light on king street and i was singing maxine nightingale and in no way was i holding back. i looked to my left… and this kid was blatently staring right at me and i can only imagine the thoughts going through his head as i made an ass out of myself. i laughed and then he started laughing at me and then i just kept right on singing so i might convince him that i actually knew he could hear me and that i didn’t care one bit that everyone in boone could listen in. yeah right. my face was bright damn red. note to self- don’t sing quite so loud.

i ended up in mocksville at 2:30 this morning. i got a call from brian and brandon saying they were having people over at johnny’s place again so i went and it was fun as always. i’m tired as shit now but it was worth it. good people. :smile: and everyone always says mocksville sucks… pfft.

i just found out that shawnee is coming up thursday after chris and i and whoever else get back from charlotte. i’m SO excited… because it’s fall break!!! and she’s driving us to ohio bright and early friday morning… buckeyes game and going to the club. heck yes.