i miss adam

this not being able to see him for 4 months is not going well thus far. i cried like hell when he left, possibly the worst i’ve cried in my life. jill, shawnee, and katie- i <3 you guys so much. thank you. adam, i love you more than i could ever tell you and all i can do is pray and hope that you come home safely. kick some ass and call me ASAP and write some letters 'cause i'm missin' you like crazy. this is really hard and i can't imagine what it's like over there. i got one of the delta co. mass emails and the guys are safely in kuwait as of today. hopefully i'll be getting a call within the next few days. this is so hard. i'm proud of you, babe. until i get moved in and quit running all over the place and actually have someplace of my own, i’ll be posting and i’ll have the new server installed and ready at my dad’s this week. until my life gets in a somewhat orderly fashion, this site will continue to be in limbo. sorry.

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