I Hate Hairdressers and their DAMN KIDS

i went to nelson’s salon down the street from raley today since i didn’t have to work ’til 3 and i had nothing to do from 1 ’til then. i got let out of english early. anywho, i went over there. the lady was gonna give me a good deal and it would only take an hour so i said alright. i told her i wanted blonde HIGHLIGHTS. well, my whole head is pretty much blonde right now. not to mention she used the wrong kind of hairbrush so it ripped the hell out of my freshly BLEACHED hair so obviously it’s dry and it’s going to tear. and she didn’t put extra conditioners in it so it’s like… really, REALLY rough and i don’t like it. it’s not soft at all and my hair is 99% of the time shiny and pretty-like and it’s driving me absolutely insane. i was literally shaking in that chair because i was so aggravated. people like her don’t need a license to alter people because they suck at it. bigtime. i’m SO glad i didn’t let her cut it. that would’ve been a disaster all its own.

to top off my excellent salon experience, her little 3 year old daughter was running around the place the entire time. as soon as i walked in and sat down in the chair, this kid (2 foot tall spawn of satan with a big mouth) walks up to me and says, “you’re too little to get your haircut, mommy don’t cut her hair she’s a little girl”. wtf… you’re 3. another girl comes in who i had met sometime this year and she’s 21-22. this little devil child looks at that girl and then looks at me and says, “she’s old… she can get her hair cut. but you’re little, you’re like me!!” and runs off with an evil laugh and starts throwing hair everywhere. yes, hair.

i can feel the bad mood getting worse. being at work is not making it much better. :angry: