I Already Miss It

a few months ago (yes, MONTHS) my sunroof broke. i’m not sure how it broke, actually. i rarely close it while i’m driving. meaning i only close it when there is a total downpour–a little rain never hurt anyone. i don’t mind sprinkles. i also hate keeping the windows closed–the driver side window is open even when it’s 20 degrees outside and there is snow on the ground. i love it. call me crazy.

well, i walked outside to my car one morning. i always close the sunroof when i’m not actually in the car. it would be dumb to leave it wide open, obviously. so it was closed correctly when i left it. but that morning, i went to open it, and it made this awful clicking sound because the right side was working fine, but something on the left side had snapped/gotten stuck/shat itself. it was open about 2″, so i left it and drove to work. not gonna worry about it before work.

or ever, it seems. i didn’t do anything about it until yesterday. rain can’t get in it because my sunroof slants down, so it opens upwards first before sliding back. i think part of me knew that once i got it “fixed”, i wouldn’t be able to use it anymore.

i went to the saturn dealership and told the guy what was wrong. he grabbed a mechanic from the other room and they took a look at it. now, i’m no car expert, but i’m also not a dumbass. i can eyeball the way a sunroof works. the motor was fine. the pieces sliding inside the rails were broken. i could see the part that was snapped in half, as opposed to the other side, which was fine.

the dude immediately started screwing around with the UNbroken side. i specifically said, “DO NOT DO ANYTHING UNTIL YOU ASK ME!” i was not going to pay for services. i wanted to know if that one piece can be fixed or if i have to get the entire thing replaced. he quickly snapped back with, “oh, you’re gonna have to pay $1200 to replace it. or pay $50 to get it shut.”

i am not paying $1200 for a new sunroof.

i asked, “how are you going to shut it? break the other side or try to fix that little piece?” HE WAS GOING TO BREAK THE OTHER SIDE. i can do that. if that’s the only thing that’s going to fix it, i’ll fix it myself. i can think of several better ways to spend $50. like at the dentist.

i looked at the first guy i spoke to (the office guy who summoned the mechanics) and glared at him. i told him i wasn’t paying $50, but he insisted that i let them shut it and that he was, “looking out for me.” a little smile goes a long way! so as every muscle in my body tensed up, i watched this strange man take a 2′ screwdriver to my sunroof. and he killed it.

then, another guy walked up. “want me to take the fuse out for you so you can’t accidentally open it?” probably a good idea, seeing as that’s the first button i reach for once i start my car. i asked him if that was going to cost $50. if so, i’d yank it out myself. he said he would do that for free, and with that, he took my fuse.

as i got back in the car to leave, the office guy ran back and gave me his business card. he said, “give me a call if you need anything else… *pause* or if you just want to talk.”

what? WHAT??

you just broke my favorite part of my car. aside from my stickers. and you tried to make a pass at me. i don’t THINK so. nice try, buster.

what a turd.


  • CouponWebz says:

    LOL It's really annoying that when you get something fixed, they automatically tinker with the thing, even without your permission. I remember one time when my xbox broke. I went to this store with my xbox and "inquired" how much it will cost for my xbox to be fixed. The next thing i know is that they already opened it and did some things already to the console's parts. I was just standing there staring. It was no use to say "hey hold on i was just asking for a price" because it was already too late :P good thing they DID fix it. whew.

  • Caity says:

    Wow that is horrible! I'm sorry that they broke your sunroof even more than it was. I can't believe that after all that, and considering how angry you already probably were, that he tried to make a pass at you! What a douchebag!

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