when valentine’s is over, the military ball is over, and spring break is over, i think i’m going to go buy this. i’d wear the hell out of that thing.

i finally am using rob’s (my new) laptop. mine hasn’t sold yet…. HINT HINT!!! so when it does, rob gets the money or i’m forever indebted to him until he feels that $800 has been coughed up. this may result in baking him cheesecake once a week ’til he’s about 50 or taking his 8AM shifts but… such is life. now i have a sweet laptop that i can sit in bed with and leech off the neighbor’s internet. hell YES! this is going to multiply the laziness factor by about 50 because now when i come home i sit in bed, play online, and watch movies.

i’m so excited about this weekend. :smile: