Happy Turkey Day, etc., etc.

i hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving holiday. i know i ate entirely too much, but i loved every minute of it. you can’t go wrong with caesar salad, deviled eggs, deep fried turkey, mashed taters & gravy, green bean casserole, STUFFING, cake, the whole works. good god, i wish thanksgiving came once a month. i also wish i had taken home leftovers… oh, wait, adam raided the refrigerator and ate them all. :mad:

our anniversary was time well spent… :smile: i gave adam the photo album i made him and we had one of the best meals i’ve ever had at o’charley’s. i never get steak when i go out to restaurants because i like to eat cheap when he pays but i decided to go for it… and damn, it was good. we bowled 3 games… 2 of which, he royally whooped my ass. and i’m almost positive he let me win the last one because when you bowl over a 100 for 2 games in a row and then get a score in the 50s, it seems a bit suspicious. he swears up and down he hurt his wrist but i think he’s just full of shit. we ran around the mall for a while and he bought me my first pair of skate shoes. they’re cuuute little black etnies with gray-ish roses on the sides. no one ever sees me wear anything but flip flops unless i have to dress up for something business-related and now in 1 week, i’ve acquired 2 new pairs of sneakers. hell must be freezing over.

anyway, the rest of the day we shopped around and then saw After Dark Horrorfest at the movies. we went in a bit misinformed because we both thought it was going to be a bunch of short horror flicks. we had no idea that you have to go 8 times to see all 8 films. kind of a bummer, and left us very confused until we found that out, but it was a decent movie. we topped off the evening with japanese (he had japanese… i ate lots of ice cream) and TV.

i got to see a lot of friends i hadn’t seen in a while when i was home… namely grainger who has a tendency to never come home EVER. adam and i met up with matt and early and thomas and grainger and spent a few hours at carlyle’s (a bar near their house) and we proceeded to get smashed. by we, i mean mostly just me. adam has a tendency to keep buying me rounds of jack on the rocks and i have a tendency to not decline them. it was nice being around everyone again and i was glad adam finally got to meet grainger. i mean, he’s been my best friend for the better part of 6 years now. it’s about time.

i got a call from a friend of mine friday night that was very unexpected. a buddy of mine works at ziggy’s in winston and they were hosting the clutch/coheed and cambria concert at the millenium center that night. i really wanted to see clutch that night but i had neither the money or anyone to go with since almost everyone i know hates clutch besides adam and early. early couldn’t go and adam had flown to massachusetts for the weekend so i was shit out of luck unless i wanted to go by myself. no… way… so austin offered me the opportunity to help them bartend. my reaction was “holy crap i don’t know how to bartend” so… i learned. quickly. i needed money to do some christmas shopping so i took him up on his offer and never in my life have i realized how bizarre bartending can be. i met some real freaks that night, was propositioned by a couple, had little 13 year old shitheads throwing paper balls at my boobs, got asked out, saw people snorting lines of coke for the first time in my life (that was scary/unexpected/awkward), and throughout the night i worked my ass off. i didn’t sit down for the better part of 8 hours and at the end of the night, with 5 bartenders, we made about $850 in tips. seeing as how most of the crowd was underage, it seemed decent. i used my share to start christmas shopping. i’m going to wait a while before i ever go shopping again. i was reminded why i hate the mall so much.

adam slept through his flight yesterday morning. he’d even rescheduled so he could get an early flight sunday so i could pick him up at the airport and not have to drive home in the middle of the night. since he slept through it, the new flight would get in later than his initial flight that was scheduled for 5 PM. words cannot express how crappy that news was. he was going to take the shuttle until we realized that he left his keys in my car which meant not only would he not be able to drive, but he wouldn’t be able to get into his room. as much fun as it would be to make him spoon with his roommate, i’m not that mean.

so i drove to RDU airport yesterday. i hung out at southpoint for a while and killed a couple hours before his flight came in and we got dinner and hung out at fort bragg for a while. instead of driving the 3 hours back to boone, i crashed in winston for the night and drove up this morning. it’s a lot easier that way… especially since driving in the fog on the way up the mountain at 1 AM is quite possibly some of the most difficult driving i’ve ever done. it’s slightly easier to see at the ass-crack of dawn.

i’m exhausted, i am ready for classes to be over with, i’m dreading statistics in 2 hours, and i’m ready for our euro-trip. counting down the days… 19. :lol: