i have piles of reading to finish up, a presentation to finish for history, and i’ve not been able to concentrate on a damn thing all day. i tried to read candide and i got a lot accomplished but it took all my strength to keep my eyes and mind from wandering elsewhere. this weekend has been nothing short of amazing for so many reasons. wednesday was the first time i have ever gone out with a group of just girls in probably several years, thursday’s party was an absolute blast, friday was a blessing (excluding the sickness the first half of the day), and after goodbyes this afternoon, i got some things done, went out with some very good friends/neighbors, and kicked back and realized just how happy i am with my life. i couldn’t ask for better friends than the ones i’ve got right now, and every one of you bastards, you know who you are, i love you like crazy. no matter how much i bitch and moan on this website, i am 100% happy in life and wouldn’t change it for the world. i just wish i could see everyone more often! goodness, it’s gonna be so hard to go to sleep tonight. i wish 19 would last forever.