good news & bad news

i finally heard from grainger yesterday. turns out they’ve had a few deaths recently and he’s doing alright but i’m worried about him. he’s been in iraq for a year before and this is his second year over there… he’s a crazy kid and hides things well. strong, but no one should have to deal with that kind of stuff. adam’s mom called me last night and i missed the call when i was in a club meeting and apparently adam’s group lost another guy as well. i don’t know if it was just one or if there were more this time. either way, this is not good. i know adam and grainger and my stepbrother are well but it’s scary when you know it could’ve been them. it makes you re-think your beliefs and i can honestly say i’ve been praying. it’s hit way too close to home for me and it’s been a reality check and it’s made me so thankful for them being safe, as safe as safe can be over there in that shithole.

i’m sending adam a birthday package on monday and then a big package once i get paid on friday. the first one will get there in time for his birthday but the second one will have his real presents in it… including madden ’07 that he’s eagerly awaiting.

i’m at the ALUG LAN right now and they’re playing quake 4 which doesn’t run on my laptop so i’m waiting until they start up a quake 3 server and then the fragging will begin. in the meantime, i’m leeching off jeremy’s file server and making my linux look pretty. i’m getting into the swing of it now and i like using it better than windows, finally. i’m at the point where i have it customized enough and with all my “effects” on it so it’s convenient and not a hassle like it was last semester. that and i’m finally getting comfortable with the terminal. at the ALUG meeting yesterday, brent was teaching us how to make bash scripts and that was a trip down memory lane because it brought back lots of things i learned in my first programming class with PASCAL!!! how exciting?!

i’m sleepy but i have a feeling i won’t be leaving this building until about 6AM or so. the football game is tomorrow so i’ll be up at a reasonable hour meaning before noon to pre-game/tailgate and then the game is at 3. lauren & leah have come up from winston so i’m going to find them and see who else i end up with. when night comes around, we’re going to sterka & daniel’s for a huuuge party… 8-ish kegs, 200 jello shots, live band & DJs, and it’s all the way in todd so hopefully, hopefully, there will be no law enforcement attending. that’s the last thing they need. that house is too awesome to get evicted from. i mean, how cool is it to live nextdoor to llamas?

adam, i miss you, and i hope i hear from you soon. i know i just heard from you tuesday but since hearing bad news from your mom, i need to hear your voice again. :heart: