February 2003

2.27.03 | 11:04 PM | posted by whit
well, this is my last night in this place. :( i’m moving bright and early tomorrow morning, and i’ll be out of here around 2. i don’t want to leave… moving blows. 12 and a half years of memories and 2 of my best friends are in this neighborhood… argh. damn nostalgia and sensitivity are kicking in 150% tonight. i have a feeling i’m gonna lose it tomorrow.

2.26.03 | 8:54 PM | posted by whit
this week has been pretty damn boring. and pretty cold too. good lord… it was freezing today. and then it started raining. i totally forgot my umbrella, so while walking BACK to the car afterschool which was in the very last parking lot, i got soaked and froze my butt off. i couldn’t even pick up my keys because my hands were frozen. little sweater dusters don’t do much in this weather. smart move on my part…
i drove me & doug back to my house so i could change and then we went back to mi pueblo. i was nice and warmed up by then, so i could actually get in a good mood after that looong fricking school day. it went so slowly, for some reason.

…which reminds me. there are a lot more people who go to my website that go to my school than i thought. people keep informing me of other people who go here. i’m thinking of putting up a poll or something for you people who go to west with me. it’s craziness. i didn’t know all these people knew me… it’s a little weird sometimes.

it’s freezing rain outside right now, and cold as balls. i’m frozen in my room and am covered in goosebumps. if only i could turn the heat on. i’m hoping that we have a 2-hr delay tomorrow. i don’t really want a cancellation because i don’t want another saturday school. crosses fingers however, sleeping in until 2 in the afternoon is always nice. i can’t complain there.

i’m gonna go finish some homework. night y’all.

2.23.03 | 8:17 PM | posted by whit

ain’t she beautiful? ;)
today was great. i woke up around 9:30 somehow or another. i got a little homework out of the way and finally got off my butt and took a shower. i went to see blast with my mom in g-boro. it was really good, surprisingly. i didn’t think it would be as good since it was all instrumental and stuff, and i didn’t think it’d be as good as stomp (which was amazing), but this was incredible. i don’t know how those people do all that stuff, but it’s craziness. we got home around 5 and i went back out with doug to applebees for dinner… and i think i ended up taking home more than i actually ate. and i’m so sick of food now =\

i’m gonna go study for us history though. i totally forgot about that test we have tomorrow :( someone save me…

2.22.03 | 1:25 PM | posted by whit
i am so sick of all this next year registration crap. i finally figured out what i’m gonna take my senior year. i decided to drop computer information systems since it would be a repeat of stuff i already know. i went by guidance after school and picked a form for an internship, but i’m not sure what is going to happen with that. i don’t know much about how the school deals with those, but hopefully it’ll all work out. the rest of my classes are probably going to be AP comp. sci. AB (since it’s java next year instead of C++), AP chemistry, AP calculus, cisco, and honors english IV. ha… yeah next year is definitely going to suck. and since 99% of my friends will be in college, it’s going to go from sucking to just pure hell. all i know is i won’t be going back to west next year. i get to be stuck at career center allll day. thank god :D
i went to my study session for history yesterday after school and then to get those internship forms, and finally i got to go home. doug came over after his laX meeting and we went to mi pueblo. we haven’t been able to do that in a while… so that was fun. we were GONNA rent a movie, but the lady ended up pissing me off and we left and just came back here and watched TV. i think we both fell asleep for a little bit. i was so so tired. he left and i didn’t end up crashing until 2 or somewhere around there.

i got to sleep in this morning… wow that was great. i love that feeling of not hearing my alarm in the morning and just laying there. except someone rang the doorbell and woke me up earlier than i wanted to wake up. argh… damn neighbors. oh well. i guess i’ll just get a little bit of a headstart today. i think i’m gonna try and get some homework done so i don’t have as much to do tomorrow. i won’t be able to do much tonight though because of the show. swift is playing and i can’t miss it! it’s gonna be crazy.

my mom wants me to go to that blast thing tomorrow. it’s like stomp and riverdance only it’s “american” and it’s a whole ton of instruments. i saw it on a whole mess of commercials. it looks pretty cool, and i want to go, but i don’t think i’ll be able to. i have to start on this stupid research paper. i finally got my thesis though, so that’s a start.

i’m gonna go start on some physics. i’ll probably post later.

2.19.03 | 9:40 PM | posted by whit
eek.. slacking off again on the posting. sorry y’all.
we’ve had a bit of an icestorm type deal here. we missed monday and tuesday and got snow days, so we have more to make up. ugh, that’s the sucky part. but anyway, it was still a nice little break. yesterday was awesome. i woke up around 12:30 and doug and i went to cook-out to get lunch. we got us some burgers & fries and i had my first milkshake!! oh yeah. it was soo good. i can’t believe i hadn’t had one before. it was mint chocolate chip and it was GREAT :D doug & i just watched TV all afternoon and watched maury. haha… we’re becoming regular watchers of that show. good lordy.. those people are messed up.

today was some fun stuff. we had a 2-hour delay so i didn’t have to go into class until 11 or so. i went in around 10 anyway so i could go in mrs. taylor’s room and get the stuff for the website finished. although i didn’t finish all of it. i sat in there for a few periods and talked to mike… so that was fun. i went to the rest of my classes boring and then in english we got our registration cards for next year. my schedule is going to be so, so weird. but, oh well. my schedule this year is weird too. doug & i went to wendy’s after school, and then he went back for another laX meeting while i went to meet with the vice principal (i think that’s what she is) about her website and all this other junk. i came home, started on homework and all that fun stuff… and doug ended up coming over around 5. we sat around and watched TV again, and then he left. i finished most of the rest of my homework and left for the Y around 7. i didn’t expect to see so many people i knew there; i was talkin’ to way too many people at once. and it was good seeing some people i don’t get to see that often. i ended up going to little richard’s right after i left with a few people too.

yup, i had a great day. but i’m gonna go finish some other crap for us history. night y’all.

2.16.03 | 2:39 PM | posted by whit
ohh heck yeah… got a poll up :D

2.16.03 | 12:26 PM | posted by whit
i hope everybody had an awesome valentine’s day and weekend :) v-day was amazing. it was so, SO much fun. after school doug and i went and got some grub at wendy’s and then he went back for a laX meeting, so i went home. i got showered and rested up a bit. he came and got me around 6 something. we stopped at my dad’s place to say hey and all that fun stuff; we were there for a little while and then we headed over to ziggy’s for the JLC/tinker’s punishment show. we got there a little late i guess. i had hoped since we were 45 minutes or so early that we’d get a better spot. but uh, when you’re on the lower level, there isn’t really a better spot unless it’s front row. it was more crowded than the last show they played there. i could actually see the guys this time though, and i wasn’t stuck behind a bunch of tall people either. it was an awesome show, better than the last one. i was so sore afterwards though. i didn’t stop moving around the whole time and my throat hurt from screaming… heh. i got a little into it.
yesterday was a lot of fun too. i slept a little too late ;x doug called and woke me up at 3, and had he not called i think i would’ve been out for a good 2 more hours or so. i was out like a light… definitely worn out from the show. so i got ready and he came and got me around 4. we went over to harris teeter to meet brandon and ben since we had to go grocery shopping before we went to brandon’s for the cook-out. it turned out being more of a big ol’ family-style dinner rather than a cook-out. i think brent was the only one cooking out that night. he and brandon were our chefs. they did a damn fine job too :) it was me, doug, brent, brandon, ben, dan, andrew, and this nicole girl was there for a little while too. good times… we ate dinner (steak, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and baked potatoes) around 6:30-7 and then we were all crammed on the couches watching black sheep & tommy boy. nicole left, dan went home, and the rest of us went to krispy kreme and chilled over there for a while. brad brought us bread from panera, too, which was awesome. so we left around 10:15 and doug and i came back here and watched TV until he had to leave.

this weekend was incredible :) if only they could all be this much fun. i’m gonna go get some lunch and find something to do.

2.14.03 | 8:16 AM | posted by whit
© happy valentines day ©
today has been such a good day and it’s only 8:15 in the morning. doug came over bright and early (and i’m talking 4:30 early) so that was an awesome surprise :) he sat there calling me for a good while before i even realized my phone was ringing. i decided to sport my i love boys shirt today… i mean, it’s red, and it has a heart on it. so why not? i also have sandals with red socks. gotta love this fashion statement.

i have a feeling the rest of the day, as far as school goes, is going to be boring. i think i’m gonna grab some breakfast on the way back to west. i haven’t done that in a while. i gotta make sure i have all my stuff ready for 6th period. we have these stupid group presentations due today and uh, i’ve got most of our project in my bookbag. it’s gonna suck, because we have had a total of 45 minutes or less to get thing together. so i won’t be surprised when everyone does a really crappy job.

jump, little children and tinker’s punishment are at ziggy’s tonight :D i’ve been looking forward to this for months. hopefully we’ll get better spots this time since last time i got crushed inbetween a few drunk people who were in front of me. we got squished against the lower-level wall. it was still fun, though. i can’t complain. gadrel is also playing tonight with Xat war with themX. i’m wondering about going to both shows. JLC doesn’t start until 9, and i’m not even sure when gadrel starts. usually those start at 7 or 8. but then i won’t be able to get a good spot at ziggy’s. decisions, decisions :(

i’m gonna go get something to drink and find something to do besides sit in this library. this annoying librarian guy keeps asking me what kind of websites i’m looking at.

2.13.03 | 10:29 PM | posted by whit
i’m sorry i haven’t been updating lately. i’ve been way too busy for my own good. with all the projects and homework i’ve been swamped with lately, i haven’t had much room to breathe. i had all my papers and notebooks all over my bed last night working and i couldn’t move i had so much crap piled on me. then my legs started cramping, which kinda sucked. not to mention i’ve been running around every afternoon either making up tests or getting ready for valentines day. wooo, this year’s is gonna be great. anyhow, i might be slacking off for the next week or so, unless i find time in class.
i’m gonna make this short and sweet. thank you, opie, for plugging me. you got me major hits, and i owe you. i’m “too young” :) i know i am. that’s ok.

go join the forums –> they’re linked on the right. we’re having some fun on those, let me tell you. the flaming has already begun and fights have been sparked. i hope they don’t get worse.

i’m gonna go finish up with all this work, and then i’m gonna go to sleep. night y’all.

2.11.03 | 9:43 PM | posted by whit
i hate school. i get a 4-day weekend, and i come back to school, and all i can do is complain about it. that is really sad.
i guess in ap physics you don’t really get much breathing room ;) i got out of my car this morning and started walking to the building and my teacher walks up to me and tells me i have to make up the test 2nd period… wow, what a nice surprise to start my day. so of course, i start studying all through 1st period. i had to go in the library since i missed a test in that class yesterday too. what fun… we just went over tests in physics and got a brand new lab that’s due friday, along with test corrections, and regular homework assignments. good lord. anyway, we had a sub in pre-cal, and all he did was sit there and talk about rocks. so i guess that was cool? (better than taking notes) i caught up on all my notes in us history, but we are starting on this huge research paper that’s split between that and english. talk about huge grade… jesus. we’ve got a group project and presentation for that class too (ours is on cuba) so that’ll be just grand. i have to come up with my research topic by tomorrow, and i’m clueless. i don’t know what to write about, and there is so much to choose from… ahhh!!! my english teacher decided to throw a second paper in our face today too, so i sat there reading bush’s state of the union address and a speech from roosevelt after the 12/7/41 attacks. they were interesting, but wayyy too long. i get to write a paper on those tomorrow. as you can tell, i’m just having a great time with all of this.

i got to see doug before i left for career center again, so that was a nice break… short, but nice. i needed that :) i drove back to CC for the physics study session from 3-5. adam & i finished up an electrostatic lab that is due friday. it was good to get that off my back early… i was dreading that. so all i have to do now is type it up and make sure everything is in complete sentences. right now, it’s all scribbled in my lab notebook and i don’t think even i’ll be able to figure out what i wrote down. through all that, i still had fun. patrick, daniel, & i were playing with balloons and scotch tape the whole time. that was so awesome. except our teacher had these furs that still had , what looked like, legs on them… which freaked me out a little bit. i’m beginning to wonder what she does in her spare time.

i’m gonna go. maybe i’ll get to sleep early again… goodnight.

2.10.03 | 5:41 PM | posted by whit
thank you, sally, for my fansign!!!