Fall ’08 Schedule

there are 2 weeks left of this semester and i can not believe it. it flew by so fast. i’m almost glad i’m not graduating this may because i’m realizing more and more how not ready i am. anyway, registration was a couple weeks ago and after a bit of tweaking, i think i have the perfect semester lined up.

CIS 4680 is mostly java (hello again, highschool… woohoo!), CIS 4585 is more or less a hacking & security course with a fancy name, and CIS 4545 is a class that one of my professors is working on jointly with IBM. i’m actually really excited about that one. i’m excited about my entire course load, and i am only slightly nervous about how much it’s going to kick my ass. i usually only take 4 classes a semester because i tend to overload myself with stress when i take more than that, but i couldn’t resist taking 4585. and it’s got one of my favorite professors.

if that bored you, i’m sorry. here is a video of the cutest thing ever that my friend joe sent me earlier.


  • Holly says:

    That sounds like a good semester to me too. :)
    LOL at the kitten in the boot! So adorable…though I wasn't expecting the roar at the end, lmao!

  • Tina says:

    I usually only take 3 classes a term. So when I have to take 4, I feel overwhelmed and have to run out and get a planner and organizer and plan my schedule day to day hour by hour to keep myself from going apeshit on people. I am taking 5 classes this term and I feel..I honestly cannot even remember my homework for each class without looking it up. Buuut thats just me. I don't mean to sound like a bitch xP five classes is a workload =) and I'm used to only three. I wish you good luck :D Oh yea. That kitten is SOOOO adorable D:

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