f*** spray paint

the ASU gaming club painted the tunnels at school last night and in the midst of all our excitement, i had an accident with the spray paint can. i was shaking it and i guess it was leaky and flung paint all over my face/hair/shirt and went directly in my eye and my eye has never burned like that in my life. it hurt like hell and phil and i ran and washed it out for about 5 minutes while i constantly kept prying it open because the paint was making my eyelashes stick together. my hair was all jacked up too so i had to wash it 6 times when i got home to get the paint out of it but i succeeded and won that battle. right before leaving i also poured an entire can of red bull down my shirt on accident. i knew i was going to end up a mess but i didn’t know it would be that extreme. anywho, pictures are here. enjoy.