Exam Week

so, exams begin tomorrow. today was a nice, relaxing reading day. i spent a few hours of it finishing up my research paper riding in the back of daniel’s jeep while he and mike were house hunting for next year. that was a bad idea because it definitely made me carsick. yuck. the three of us went to applebees for lunch and it was oh so good. :smile: applebees rocks. the rest of the afternoon was spent being lazy, laying around the apartment watching TV and listening to music and enjoying eachothers’ company. i love days like that.

i had to go back to my dorm early because i had to meet up with chris, lauren, and vanna to work on our powerpoint presentation for freshman seminar. we knocked out 99% of it. we just have to make it look more aesthetically pleasing now. i don’t really feel like messing with it.

change of plans, and daniel’s coming to pick me up. i was going to post something that actually had a point to it but i can’t remember what it was anymore.

i’ll be home next week wednesday night after exams are all done with… i kinda miss it.