Eventful Day

after finally getting off my ass and showering yesterday afternoon, i went to the doctor. i attempted to, rather. they couldn’t figure out my insurance information and since they made me wait 40 minutes before they’d even give me the time of day (there was 1 other person in there besides me) i was already pissy and finally i just said screw it, i’m not bothering with this. i had given them all my cards and they didn’t know what they were doing so i left.

i met up with jill at ronni’s and we got 20 buffalo wings and a pizza and it was sooo good. if there’s one thing i miss about highschool it’s going to ronni’s with friends. that place is great… dirty, but great. :crazy: can’t have it all, i suppose! haha. after eating all that greasy food, we went to yoga. it was so relaxing and i wish i could do it every day. the lady that does the yoga and pilates classes is really good at what she does.

a ton of us went over to matt’s last night to hang out and have some beers. it was only 11 of us but matt’s basement isn’t usually that crowded. usually it’s like 6-7 of us tops. anyway, it was a blast. it was me, collin, matt, lauren, alex, mary, chris, rachel, kyle (yes, the waiter), leah, and mike. when i got there, leah and chris were making a beer run and returned shortly after with 4 cases of beer. 4 cases… why we needed that much, i do not know. but we made use of it playing f*ck you, gin rummy, asshole, and all those fun games. i wound up only drinking 4 and sobered up really fast and sat and listened to music and goofed off and played poker the rest of the night. kyle and i made a waffle house run around 5:30am and i drove him back to matt’s, drove home, and slept for a good 45 minutes. that 45 minutes did absolutely nothing but make my eyes stop burning. whatever works!

now my ass is gonna be dragging all day long. last night was definitely worth it, though. it was good seeing some people i hadn’t seen in a while and i met a couple more new ones in the process.

i think jill and i are going to pilates tonight and i’ll probably hang out with ryan after that so i suppose i need to up the caffeine intake for today. heh. i’m reeeeeally gonna need it soon. the waffle house only did so much for me. back to work!