i don’t know what my deal is but i brought spaghettios for lunch at work and i forgot the thing about the can… and the opener… and i don’t have the opener. i’m gonna bust it with my pocket knife, and hopefully i won’t have to resort to the axe in my trunk. eek! i do have pineapple, though. and pineapple is good.

10 more minutes and i’m free to go eat for an hour. i’m so excited, y’all have no idea.

last night freaking rocked. collin and matt and lauren and i were all at matt’s drinking ’til about 1 or 2 this morning and playing beer pong… so much fun! i had to wake up at 6, however, so i could get to work on time this morning. i drove home from pfafftown and got my crap together, made some easymac, and then left. i look pretty nice, though, if i may say so myself. i have a nice pretty skirt and a sparkly as hell t-shirt and my flip flops that i wore to prom. yeeeeee!

i’m off to meet jill… this is the good part of the day when i don’t have to sit on my ass and get papercuts.

[edit] i took this on the way home this morning at 6:30. :cool: [/edit]