Down On My Luck

i know i’ve stated this a few times before… BUT GIVE ME A BREAK. why in the hell is something always wrong with me physically? always. if it’s not a sinus infection, it’s my asthma. if it’s not my asthma, it’s just allergies. which inevitably will make my asthma flare up. if it’s not that, it’s pinkeye. or the flu. or some weird stomach thing. and if none of those are happening? i just wind up getting hurt.

really. once, i was standing in the shower, and i spazzed, and i kicked the faucet, and broke 3 toes instantly. my foot was black within like 20 seconds.

ANYWAYS. i was puking half the day thursday (sinus… stuff, makes me nauseous, ew). i puked most of the day sunday (that is the only instance wherein i can blame my own stupidity–alcohol, UFC fight.. understandable, right?). puked half the day monday (bad mixture of foods, and/or the coffee).

yesterday was fine, though my face has been breaking out like freaking crazy the last like… week. stress tends to do that so i suppose all the mess with putting in my 2 weeks and moving to a new place could have done it, but i generally don’t let myself stress over much of anything lately. i have no idea.

so… i woke up at 4:30 this morning, initially to go to the little girls room. and then i was like, wow, my face feels huge. and then i was like, wow, i know that feeling. and then i turned on the lights and realized that my face was, in fact, huge. actually, just my eye. YEP. PINKEYE. again.

ever since i had a freak encounter with it in 2006… warning: TANGENT!

during the summer of 2006, my then-boyfriend and i went up to massachusetts to visit his family before deployment. adam and i had been out at a bar with all his friends the night before. we slept in his friend’s guest bedroom. i got up at 4:30 the following morning, initially to go to the little girls room. i see a trend. i got up and realized… my face felt huge. like GINORMOUS. it hurt so bad. i looked in the mirror and i couldn’t even close the one eye because it was so swollen. generally, when i get pinkeye, it’s the area around it that hurts, and it itches and all that crap, but this was my actual eyeBALL. granted, i had done a lot of turbos (google it, i have no idea what was in it, i just know we had “turbo races”) that night and i was still pretty inebriated. within 10 seconds, i had convinced myself that some strange thing from national geographic had laid eggs in my eye. he rushed me to the nearest hospital and we ended up sitting in the ER for 4 hours. FOUR HOURS. i was hungover, so about 3 and a half of those hours we spent waiting, i was also puking. every 20 minutes. running to the bathroom. and puking. now, i know pinkeye isn’t an emergency compared to some of the other stuff going on. but in my mind, thousands of insects were about to come pouring out of my eye socket any minute–i was pissed, frustrated, a mess, all of the above. finally, they got to me, and the lady yelled at me and stuck some gooey crap in my eye, gave me eye drops, and sent me on my way. but not before we stole a drawer full of eye patches. and glowy things.

ANYWAY, it has occurred more frequently since then. i don’t rub my eyes much because i live with a cat and a dog, and i’m allergic to both of them. that might sound like an absolutely ridiculous idea, and it probably is. but the fact is, MY pets don’t bother me much. unless they lick me, or i touch them and immediately stick my finger in my eye socket. so i try to avoid both those situations. i will admit that the first month i had either of them was hell, however. something about my immune system adjusting to their dander or something is just insane, and i’ve gone through an entire inhaler for both loki and thor. in hindsight, totally worth it.

i just hope this crap is over and done with by friday. i’m going kayaking friday. i love kayaking, and i do not want to miss this. not to mention the move this weekend. i am not a pleasant person to be around when i’m in pain, and i’m willing to bet i won’t be pleasant while my face is jacked up and brett and i start moving around huge pieces of furniture. just a hunch.