i’ve been slacking on the updates again. i’ve been debating on whether or not i should put the site on a break for a while… maybe a month or something like that. i’m almost never in my dorm room and when i am it’s either to sleep or pack to leave again. i’ve started to stress myself out over this because for the longest time i had a list of daily things i did working on the site and being the obsessive compulsive freak i am about it, it bugs the heck out of me when i don’t get everything i need to get done done. i haven’t put the site on hiatus in years, but every once in a while it’s nice to not have to worry about it. i’ve got too much else going on in my head lately… a little time off couldn’t hurt.

the commercials for the superbowl aren’t that great. so far they’re just corny. i went to the tanning bed for the third time and it was again for 12 minutes and i definitely look like a lobster now. i won’t be going back for a while. now i remember why i stopped going 4 years ago. go figure.

everyone’s hanging out in the living room watching the game and daniel and mike went to pick up chris. i’m avoiding the living room at the moment. a certain someone is bugging the shit out of me with his rudeness and unbelievably selfish nature. i kind of feel like punching him. no more computer help coming from this girl! EVER! douchebag.

i have a headache and i can’t tell if i’m hot or cold because of this stupid burn. i used a crapload of aloe and it feels great for the first few minutes… but then it just kind of feels like a layer of saran wrap. barf.

back to the nachos and mountain dew, i suppose. daniel and mike… come save me, for the love of god. why did you all leave me here?