my business writing class is currently focusing on preparing resumes and cover letters for specific job postings in which we are interested. i chose Red Hat, Cisco, and Google… surprise, surprise. :wink: anyway, i’ve had a resume since i was 14 due to my dad constantly reminding me that it’s important to have an impressive resume if you want to be successful in the business world. as always, he was right. having a resume to build on since that age has opened so many doors for me, and i’ve also gotten increasingly better at writing them.

i was asking my professor to proofread my resume and cover letter and she fixed a couple nit picky things like bolding certain words and not using abbreviations, and then announced to the class that mine was the best she’d seen and if anyone had any questions, to ask me. i didn’t want to be called out like that and my face turned bright red and the kid next to me said that my facial expression was a kodak moment if he’d ever seen one… :grr: it did made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside but dammit, i don’t like it when it makes me look like a damn teacher’s pet. regardless of my temporary embarrassment, after that class, i went to tech. support and fixed up all those little corrections, perfected everything, and sent them in to a few places. we’ll see what happens, and maybe i’ll wind up with a sweet internship next summer.

on a completely unrelated note, i’ve decided that adam was right in saying that i’m a female version of Bubble Boy. it’s so true. i’ve been sniffing and snorting and honking and coughing and sneezing all week, more so than usual. i’ve damn near emptied my inhaler, i think, and my nose is raw from blowing it all the time. you know when you cough and sneeze and fidget so much that your eyeballs feel like they’re the size of golf balls? that’s me right now. i’ve been in bed all night with the exception of going upstairs to shave my neighbor’s head and taking loki out to walk (now THAT is a story all in itself that i shall leave for tomorrow). i don’t know if it’s due to seasonal changes or what. i’ve cleaned the apartment. i dusted the fans, as disgusting as that was having crap fall in my face, and vacuumed a LOT. maybe i should vacuum the animals…? i don’t know. i guess i just need to go buy a bubble and some more meds.

since my last post, i believe laura and i have come to some agreements regarding the cats, and tomorrow will be a day of serious cleaning.