Busy, Busy!

oh snap… yesterday was some fun stuff. aside from the boringness of work, i went home and showered and rodda came and picked me up. we went to coppola’s to eat dinner and alex was our waiter. :smile: that made me happy! i had stuffed shells. <3 those things are so good. we went to see mr. and mrs. smith after dinner and if you have not seen it you need to like now because it was probably the best movie i've seen in a damn long time. we laughed our asses off. after the movie i went home and turned around and went right back out again. i went to ryan’s to meet up with him and chris and hollie (turns out her mom was my bus driver 9th grade) and we watched dukes of hazzard on CMT and then club dread and had some bud light and wendy’s. :cool: oh yes. it was fun but i fell asleep about 30-40 minutes into the movie. i woke up at who knows what time to the sound of ryan being a loudmouth talking to chris and then got up at 6:30 and it felt like i’d slept for maybe 20 minutes. it sucked. oh yeah… update on the hot waiter from saturday. so… this guy’s like 6′ something tall and blonde and built and beautiful. HE’S ONLY GOING TO BE A SENIOR IN HIGHSCHOOL! why does this kind of bullshit happen to me? he could pass for 20 something. i’m not gonna not talk to him because he’s either 18 or almost 18 and i’m not 19 for almost another month so technically it’s not that bad! i just felt old for the first time in my life last night when he called and told me he hadn’t even graduated and said in this scared tone of voice, “so you’re going to be a sophomore??? in college???” poor kid. :satisfied: he said he wanted to hang out, though. i feel like a horrible person. if i went out with him i’d be dating a minor. :crazy:

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