Busy Busy

i’ve barely even been at home it seems since i’ve been living in boone. i guess that’s a good thing because i’m always out with friends, but damn. i kinda miss sitting and doing nothing every now and again.

last night was pretty fun. i went with some people from tech. support to geno’s since stephen came up from raleigh and hung out there for a while. james left early so it was me, stephen, eric, ashley, and a few people stephen invited who i didn’t really know. i eventually left and went to sterka’s to hang out with him and daniel and finally made it home at 2AM and crashed pretty hard.

i went with jill, kat, and cassie to dos amigos this afternoon and boy, it was good. :smile: i got my mexican fix for the day. we wandered around king street and went in all the cool shops ’cause jill wanted to show cassie around so on a gorgeous day like today, taking a walk was perfect. after the rain and storms we’ve had, we deserve a blue sky and a nice breeze. i ran into my buddy joe who lived in bowie with me last year and he was headed to virginia to go camping… so jealous. we were supposed to go this weekend but i suppose ry~ry and i will have to plan another trip. i wanna go ’cause i haven’t been since april.

as of right now, i’m really glad i bought popsicles. :biggrin: sooo good. i’m not going to have any orange ones left though, those are the only ones i’ve eaten.

anywho, i’m gonna get into some comfy clothes and head to work. it’s a shame that i’m gonna be indoors for the remainder of the night. i think i’m gonna go to brad’s party afterwards because it’s supposed to be pretty fun, but i’m hoping there will be a few more people there that i know. it was different at the beach partying with total strangers ’cause everyone down there had just met eachother but parties in boone tend to be full of a lot of people who know eachother already and i’m not good at just walking up to people and talking unless i’ve got some other motive or i’m already drunk. :blush: it should be fun either way.