something exciting needs to happen. i’m bored out of my mind. i’ve been downstairs most of the night hanging out with my 5th floor buddies, but other than that, not much is going on. :satisfied: i was done for the day around 6:30 the past 3 and a half hours have seemed like eternity. i got a lot of homework done for the rest of the week so hopefully i won’t have much for a while.

kirk, bubba, jake, pat, jarred, & i were all crammed downstairs in pat’s room watching probably the worst reality/elimination show yet. it was that biggest loser one where apparently if they don’t lose enough weight or if they don’t put forth much effort or if they’re just a butthead they get voted off. :crazy: dude… they’re on there to lose weight. not to get criticized for it. why do people watch this stuff? i don’t get it. i’m sure there will be more stupid ones just like this to come.

i have the worst craving for battlefield desert combat at the moment because i have not played it in ages and i guess i’ll be waiting until december when we have the next tech. LAN over christmas break. i’ll only be there a day or two probably. and scott is supposedly having a LAN over christmas too… december will rock. :cool: as long as i remember to keep the mouse sensitivity way lower than i had it this past weekend. it made me so, so very nauseous.

i think i’m gonna crash in a few minutes. i’m sleepy and i’m not in the best mood tonight. i’ve felt like crap since i left for psychology after i ate lunch w/ry~ry and it’s only gone downhill since then. i need to go to bed and sleep it off before it gets worse. i’m thinking the wintertime brings it on, because it got worse around the same time last year. this doesn’t sound good for me either since winter in boone has a tendency to last until… oh, may? barf.

goodnight everyone.