Back At Home

my room is a disaster area. all my crap is in bags scattered everywhere and i don’t know where to begin unpacking, or if i should even unpack half of it. it seems i lived without most of it during the school year so technically i don’t need it now. ugh. such a pain in the ass.

on a lighter note, this week has been unbelievable. i met so many cool people at duke and got to spend 3 days with collin which hasn’t happened in ages. i am so grateful for the friends i’ve got because lately they’ve been godsends and i can’t begin to explain how much they’ve done for me. 3 days of partying and now a night to myself of pure relaxation… gotta love it. i feel like falling asleep with my storm lamp on and the techno playing on repeat. i haven’t done that since highschool and it put me to sleep in minutes.

tomorrow i think i’ll start the unpacking process and then i have to find an outfit to wear to my job interview on friday. i’m praying i have something in my closet because i refuse to go shopping for a dressy outfit. it will be hell.

sweet dreams, everyone!