April 2003

4.30.03 | 10:58 PM | posted by whit
this storm is starting to creep me out. i hate storms, lightning, thunder, rain, all that junk. and we haven’t had this much in a while. i’ve got black curtains in my room, and when the lightning strikes it makes my room look pretty wicked. and then the house shakes… shivers
anyway, school was oh-so-not-exciting today. we had another practice exam in 1st period, a test in physics, note-taking in pre-cal, watched the kennedy assassination in history, and took a vocab. test and watched a movie in english. an overall easy day, but definitely not a thriller.

i came home after school, and then ended up going up to the mall to meet up with zach, tim, thomas, shane, & grainger again. that was pretty fun… they got me laughing so hard my stomach hurt. i was gonna go the Y again tonight, but i wasn’t really in the mood for kickboxing. oh well. i guess that’ll have to wait until next week.

i’m gonna go. it’s getting late, and i’m exhausted.

4.29.03 | 9:18 PM | posted by whit
so… bored…
nothing to do tonight except homework. i’ve already been to the Y & had dinner, and it’s too early to sleep. i get to sit here & listen to music… joy.

4.28.03 | 8:59 PM | posted by whit
wow, this was a tiring weekend. prom was kind of crappy, for several reasons, a few of which i will not get into. but anyhow, collin it wasn’t because of you. thank you for going, you were fun. others, however, were not so fun. i was ready to slap quite a few people by the end of the night. i was also ready to pop every single balloon in that convention center due to the fact that strings were flying everywhere and they all seemed to get stuck on me. dear god, i had the hardest time walking around in that place.
i ended up sleeping in until about 1:30 on sunday afternoon… heh, that was so nice. i haven’t done that in a while. i have a hard time sleeping late because i’m used to sleeping so little lately. it’s crazy. but i got up, showered, and headed out to the mall again. tim, blake, thomas, duane, chris, zach, & scott were up there along with some other random people who showed up. that was definitely fun. we had originally planned to go get pizza and all go to scott’s to watch a movie, but instead we went to this japanese place that was a little closer to king. i… had never had japanese before, and if i had, i wasn’t old enough to remember it, or somehow totally blocked it out of my mind. they talked me into eating onion soup (i don’t like onions), and it was suprisingly good. they then talked me into eating sushi with crab (i’d only had sushi with salmon before), and some green stuff that tasted like really spicy play-doh, and then of course i had chicken teriyaki for my first time. it was an interesting meal, and probably took me longer to eat than anything i’ve ever eaten in my life. after that we all just ended up back at scott’s sitting around while thomas and scott and duane played games and the rest of us just sat there doing absolutely nothing. it was quite the party, i must say.

today wasn’t all that exciting, but since when did mondays ever become fun? i had a test in 1st, 3rd, and 6th periods along with 3 labs due. now those killed me. i wasn’t awake enough or in the mood to do that much crap today, but at least it’s over with. i still have to stay after tomorrow to make up my pre-cal quiz from last friday… should be grand.

i ended up at that student of the year thing at school tonight. i’m not sure what to call it. it wasn’t really an awards ceremony because we got our pictures taken with our “nominator”, sat there, and then just got called to get this certificate/sheet of paper from mr. holt, and then we sat there some more to listen to telford talk about character. it reminded me of when they did those honor roll things in elementary school… those were the good days ;)

i’m gonna go finish homework. i don’t have a lot tonight, heck yeah :D later.

4.26.03 | 8:41 AM | posted by whit
well, prom is tonight ;x i’m a bit nervous. i hate dressing up (especially wearing dresses) and i don’t exactly get along with 80 or 90% of the people at my school.. hm..
my mom made me a pedicure appointment for 10:00 this morning, and i’m kind of skeptical about it. i don’t exactly like people messing with my feet… but the real thing that bugs me is that i can’t stand the people that work there. save me…please.

i’m gonna go shower and get ready to go. if i remember, i’ll bring a camera. except i’m not sure how good mine will work since it doesn’t have a flash and it’ll most likely be dark in the convention center. ohh well. i’ll probably post tomorrow.

4.25.03 | 5:06 PM | posted by whit
oh yeah, oh yeah :D we’re going to high point to play video games, heck yeah! it’s gonna be beast.
tomorrow’s prom too.. this weekend is gonna rock. if i don’t get to go to ihop i’m gonna be super pissed >=O

i’m gonna go take a shower & get ready to go. later 8o)

4.24.03 | 10:10 PM | posted by whit
i decided it was time for a change. yes, it’s still pink. but at least it’s dark now. the light pink was about to kill me. and having myself stare back at me was getting to me o_O …like it? hate it? i don’t really care. i’m not redesigning a new layout.
anyway, i came home after 3rd period today. i wasn’t feeling so hot this morning. i think between allergies and spring itself, it’s getting to me. that and the fact that i haven’t been able to sleep well lately, and i’m not sure why. i’ll get in bed, and won’t be able to fall asleep for forever. argh >=O maybe i’ll sleep better tonight. who knows ;x

i’m listening to athenaeum and it’s reminding me of the show downtown this summer at the BB&T; building… wow, was that ever fun. it’s gonna get me all teary.. gotta change the subject!

better yet, i’m gonna go find something else to do. we’ve got some drama on the boards.

4.22.03 | 10:13 PM | posted by whit
happy birthday zach!!! :)
today was so darn long… goodness. school seemed like it lasted forever. i stayed a little later though and talked to doug before we went home