A Productive Day

my goal this morning was to muster up the willpower to crawl out of bed, take a shower, and dress up for my possible presentation at 9 AM. i did all that, and then i got to class, and we didn’t get to present. when we finally were able to leave, it was 10 ’til 10 in the morning. i had also planned on going to the tanning bed and stopping by the tattoo/piercing parlor to pick up the barbells that i was supposed to get for free in august, but nothing in this town is open before 10 AM. poo.

so i came home and wondered what to do with the rest of my unbelievably available afternoon. i could’ve gone back to sleep but then i’d never get back out of bed. it’s entirely too comfortable, plus i needed to wash my sheets and comforter. so there goes that idea.

loki has been scratching like hell the past week or so, so much so that she’s rubbed half of the hair off of her hind end. i gave her a bath 2 days ago, but i figured i’d try again. the first one got rid of soo many fleas, so i knew right away that was the initial problem. my mom suggested that maybe she just had a bunch of bites on her and they were irritating her skin, so i gave her a second bath just a little while ago. this time, laura helped me out a bit so instead of loki falling into the tub (and consequently allowing all of the water in the tub to be displaced onto me), it went a lot more smoothly. i washed her with puppy shampoo (instead of cow shampoo that i used last time, don’t ask) because it said it’s good for sensitive skin. and then she was doused in half a container of Garnier Fructis conditioner. all i have to say is i’m glad i bought more. at least the scratching has stopped for now.

laura threw her cat in the tub afterwards and i’ve never heard a noise quite that awful. it’s hard to not be entertained in this apartment, with the zoo and all.

so i went to class and did nothing for an hour, gave loki a spa treatment, hung adam’s stocking, washed my sheets and comforter, sorted laundry that is now in the washing machine, washed the dishes, took out the trash, vacuumed the living room and the kitchen, cleaned up the cat pee (GROSS :mad: ), tidied up a bit of the clutter around this place, washed the bathtub, and… now i suppose i’ll clean the rest of my bathroom, do the rest of my laundry, hit the tanning bed and pick up those barbells (yay!).

i absolutely cannot wait for tomorrow. this is driving me crazy! :lol: