a day of pampering

i woke up at the bright and early hour of 10:30 to find adam online, which is quite possibly the best feeling ever. we talked for about an hour and i had planned on doing something constructive with my time today but after looking outside and seeing blue skies and nothin’ but sunshine, i quickly rearranged my plans for the afternoon. i headed straight to the pool for about 2 hours. after listening in on just about every bit of gossip i could take, i had to leave. between that and the heat, it was hard to decipher which was worse. i now know so much dirt on a lot of people that i shouldn’t know anything about. and if anyone wants pills/drugs (any kind under the sun), i know where to get those too. haha, the things you learn in college. i should be an undercover cop.

i got home and after realizing how sunburnt i was, i decided i should probably not take a shower right away. i’ve heard that if you shower right after getting a sunburn, it speeds up the drying-out process and adds to the whole stiffness/painful/peeling-later-on effect. adam was back online so we enjoyed a few hours (yes, hours) of facebook pirates and talking about nonsense. i went to the gym again and ran another 2.5 miles and after the 5th day in a row, i can’t believe how much better i’m feeling. my confidence level and my ability to relax have both gone way, way up–so much so that i have not worried or thought about things that i really need to tend to. at least i’m relaxing. this hasn’t happened in quite a while. i took a long bath with my strawberry short cake bath fizzies and showered and put on some comfy pajamas and fuzzy socks. if i had a warm, fuzzy bathrobe to wear, this evening would be complete.

i had a hankering for my mom’s chicken and rice that she always used to make when i lived at home. i miss the hell out of that stuff and it is definitely comfort food. i was skeptical to make it because the way she did was with a slow-cooker, and i do not have one of those. well, i tried it anyway. i drove to food lion last night around 10:15 and bought a head of iceberg lettuce and stuff to make caesar salad, cream of celery/chicken/mushroom soups, rice, and 2 chicken breasts. i threw it all together with some salt and pepper, stuck it in the oven on 350° for 50 minutes, and it came out amazing! in fact, it was so amazing that for the first time in ages i willingly ate leftovers.

as for the nerdy side of my life, leander (ASU Gaming Club’s publicity chair) informed me that he got us a spot on DL.TV and they included us in one of their half-hour video podcasts! i am so excited. they said Appalachian wrong and confused a couple details but that’s definitely no biggie. our first podcast…how cute, right? if you watch it, they talk about the Gaming Club right around minute 2:35 so you don’t have to wait too long. go watch it. now. NOW.

now i’m going to let my obsessive compulsiveness off its leash and clean the hell out of this apartment, dust, vacuum, swiffer, and scrub it down. i might even give loki a bath. why? because that’s what i do lately. my mother even refers to me as “miss susie homemaker”. if you think it has a cute ring to it, You Are Wrong.

[edit] as a response to the question you left me, Wunder, here goes. i hate Vista. it is pretty and shiny and has lots of sweet effects everywhere. what drives me apeshit is you have to have a hoss of a machine in order for it to run smoothly or at all. microsoft went overboard with the graphics and it’s still no better than any other microsoft product, in my opinion. they keep putting more and more shit on here to “help” but it totally cripples my use of my laptop because i don’t want a pop-up message asking me a second time if I AM SURE that i wanted to click that button. not to mention, the incompatibility issues are through the roof. i can’t run most of the games i had installed on XP and i can’t install the majority of the programs i had on XP. i’ve got it running on bare bones at this point after hours of tweaking yesterday and it’s pretty much exactly like i have my XP set up on my other laptop. i might just say screw dual boot and totally wipe it all over again and put Ubuntu on it. i just don’t like it. heh. personal preference, i suppose, but i know i’m not the only one with this mindset. [/edit]