<3 My Cousin

i was at flipside (bar/pizza place in boone) last night with some friends of mine and got THE most unexpected call from my cousin, liana. she called to congratulate me and wish me luck on my upcoming interviews. i thought that was so sweet.

i miss her and her brother like crazy–somehow they went from being miami beach bums to living in washington (state) and iowa. she got an incredible job, though, and last night we started out joking about me trying to work there and that turned into, “wait, nothing’s stopping me from working there, I’M APPLYING!” so i did. and this afternoon, i applied for 3 positions there.

so i had my interview yesterday morning. well, first i had my VB midterm that i got an 88 on. i’m an idiot and had Show and ShowDialog backwards so i missed 6-7 questions on just that section because i made sure i didn’t mix and match my answers. i figured i’d either get them all right or all wrong… aaand i did.

my interview was at 11:30. i try to get to them about a half an hour early so i can chill out for a few minutes, look over my questions for the interviewer, and basically stop shaking. luckily, it went REALLY well. the guy who interviewed me used to teach programming & web design and mentioned a book he was about to read that addressed the shortage of females in technical fields and we got to talking about my independent study so i asked him if he could send me the name and author of it. that would be a really good source for my paper. we’ll see. i just hope i hear back from them soon.

boone is pretty much dead now. after about 5pm yesterday, boone became extremely quiet. fall break is kind of a bummer because i don’t have any solid plans yet. grainger said he was going to come home to see his family so i said i’d drive to winston and hang out with him. i want to see my family, too. i just wish home was like it was in high school when all my friends were around–now they are scattered all over the place, married with kids, etc., so it’s really hard to figure out a time when we can all hang out again. i finally got a hold of my buddy matt (he’s a cop now and has weird hours) and he said he’d go out with me and hopefully grainger friday night.

it’ll be nice to be at home for more than a couple hours.