last post of the day… i think.
400 hits and it isn’t even midnight. that crap boggles my mind. and now doug tells me that kruzen (a guy from genmay & [h] who i talked to this summer during a LAN party) made a 1600×1200 of me, and has a directory with 63 pictures of me. it’s craziness. i’m getting some insane IMs too. this is like attention overflow or something.

i haven’t answered my personal line at home in about 3 weeks. usually everyone calls my cellphone. tonight, i decided to answer, and it was brian. we got everything straightened out since the last time i talked to him, which was about a month ago. to make a long story short, he wanted to go out, and i didn’t, and i felt kinda pressured/stuck, and it pissed me off. therefore, i quit talking. i told him that and i don’t think he understood. figures.

i finally finished all my homework. i’m going to bed