too excited to sleep

even hungover as hell, that was one of the best phone calls from him i think i’ve ever gotten. i was miserable and my face still lit up like a christmas tree. talking to you for an hour and a half was exactly what i needed after a night like last night and good lord, i miss you more than ever.

everyone left and i packed up everything for scandinavia. at least i think it’s everything. i’m so nervous that i’m going to forget something important. i always pack too much because i tend to spill everything on me so my clothes always get filthy by the end of the day… and i’ve never been to europe, and i know what i’ve been told to expect as far as weather goes, but you never know. and i don’t want to get there and not be prepared. my suitcase closes without having to sit on it, so i suppose that means i’m doing alright.

i need to go to bed. i’m getting up early so i can drive to my mom’s for mother’s day and see my grandparents and uncle before they go back to raleigh. the rest of the day will be filled with frantically running around wondering if i’m forgetting anything for when i leave tuesday.

i really need to go to bed. i love you, adam. goodnight, all.