People Living Like Hobbits?

i found this a while ago on digg but i don’t think i ever posted it. i ran the idea past adam and his response was–“i wouldn’t be caught dead living in a hobbit hole”. little does he know… one day… i will begin my secret project making a home in the ground and slowly start moving all our belongings in. i will leave the xbox 360 and his TV for last so he has no choice but to surrender.

In Pembrokeshire, Wales, a family has built their own home (almost) completely out of natural materials. The walls are made out of stone and mud, water enters the house by gravity from a nearby spring and any non-natural things that they needed, such as windows and plumbing, they picked up in rubbish piles.

despite the response hell that i assume i will get from this, i think it’s pretty cool. it’s resourceful, energy-efficient, [relatively] cheap, and best of all–it looks like you’re living in the freaking shire… and it looks huge inside!! this isn’t just for short people so no one can knock me for it. this is a [relatively] normal family, or at least normal-sized family, living in wales.