May 2004

i done did it ;) 05.23.04 | 3:05 PM | posted by whit
so i’m graduated… and damn, it feels great. this summer is going to rock. it’s gonna be hard without shane and grainger being here the whole time like last summer, but i’m gonna make the best of it. grainger is back and shane will be home tomorrow :) they’ll be here for at least a little while.

more pictures will be up later. my dad has my camera at the moment and i’m going over to his house later on, so i’ll get it then. graduation was awesome and walking across that stage was the best feeling in my life. i busted out a huge smile when i heard the guys screamin’ at me across the coliseum. somehow, i managed not to trip :) thank you to everyone that came–it was much appreciated. <33333 early, matt, byrd, matt, grainger, seawelly, thomas, scott, john, & i went to chili's afterwards and goofed off and stuffed our faces and it was great. i headed to kernersville to collin's last night because he was having a little get-together thing. i'm so glad i went, and it's always fun being with all of them. it was awesome seeing collin's parents again too. they're so sweet and it's been a few years :) i met james after i drove back from kernersville and hung out with him the rest of the evening. he's going back to bragg soon so i won't see much of him for a while. thank you, MOM & DAD! i know one or both of you guys read this thing every single day. thank you for yesterday and thank you for everything you have ever done for me. i have the best parents a kid could ask for and i'm forever grateful for being so lucky. I LOVE YOU! <3 i'm going to shower and then i'm getting out of here! :) sweet jesus 05.20.04 | 1:41 PM | posted by whit i got a C on my english exam and a 90 on my cisco exam and tomorrow will be a breeze. i'm so excited. may 22 will be the best day of my life to date. :) i made sure i got to school early today because of course i had to say bye to my 0 period cisco buddies. i was sad, but i know i'll still talk to them at least online. i got lots of hugs and all is well. i met some people while waiting to take the cisco exam and i got to talk to patrick which was nice, because i don't get to talk to him a lot at school. the rest of us sat around for about an hour waiting until we could take the exam so we just goofed off the whole time. i'm gonna miss all those people! mr. peting ordered domino's for us and we scarfed down 4 pizzas and a ton of hot wings before we left today. he's a good guy. he's one of the nicest teachers i've had throughout highschool. i didn't feel like going home right after career center so i went over to the mall and walked around for a while. i saw some people i knew and russell was working in spencer's so i stopped and talked to him for a while. i hadn't seen him in several months and it was good to catch up on things. i didn't stay at the mall very long, and now i'm at home and i plan to be lazy for the remainder of the day. exemptions rock :) i'm gonna go relax with my mountain dew and ogre-sized m&ms; in front of the TV for a little while. i am officially a happy camper. according to calculations 05.19.04 | 2:12 PM | posted by whit the only way i could've failed senior english is if i got a -4 on the final exam. if the final is worth 25% of the 4th quarter grade and the 3rd and 4th quarter grades are averaged together to get the semester grade, then a -4 exam grade would get me at least a 70 for the semester. a 70 or above is passing, so knowing that a -4 is not possible, all i have to say is HELL YES THIS CHICK IS GRADUATING! so apparently that isn't the right grading scale and about 3 people have told me the wrong thing. 3rd and 4th quarter averages count 75% of the final grade and the exam is 25%. instead of a -4 (i knew something was wrong with that number), i have to get a 42 or above to pass. either way, i do believe i'll be graduating. :) i've been reading what people wrote in my yearbook and i've noticed a trend. nearly every single person made some crack on my height. i don't think i've gone a day since 8th grade where someone hasn't made a remark about it. i've decided that my life will never be boring for that reason alone. when i start getting old, i'll start shrinking probably. then it will start a whole new chapter in my life when people make fun of me for being under 4' instead of 5'. i'm gonna go find something to do. 3 more exams! grr.. you guys... 05.17.04 | 3:44 PM | posted by whit i just found this in my uploads folder. who's the culprit, eh? i'm gonna take a wild guess and say it was someone in 0 period or 2nd period, but i could be wrong. awards day was today and i really didn't think it would be as long as it was. it didn't even feel like 3 hours. it felt like more. i had totally forgotten that the new gym didn't have air conditioning, so everyone was using their handouts as fans and when we finally got out of there, we were all covered in sweat and we probably all reaked. the teachers had papa john's, subway, and chick-fil-a for us when we were done with the awards ceremony and we got our yearbooks early so we all tried to sit in front of the fan signing yearbooks for a few hours. it eventually cooled down, but i actually felt like i was going to pass out a couple times during the day. my sore throat and stuffy head were only worsened by the heat, and i am really surprised that i didn't trip or fall with the heels i wore. they're about 4 and a half inches tall and i climbed those bleachers who knows how many times. i was proud for not making a complete idiot out of myself. BJ said i was walking better than some other people who were apparently walking bow-legged from their horrible shoes. i beg to differ, but i eventually took them off and walked around campus in tights. now i'm home and i'm finally comfortable, and i think i'm going to take a nap. i feel gross and sickly, and i should probably get some medicine too. why do i always get sick right before shane comes home? wtf? police? 05.16.04 | 8:56 PM | posted by whit last night was definitely a scare. i went to my dad's house and went through the garage door because the key i have doesn't work on the front door. i went in and called my dad to tell him i was there and he and christine said they'd be there in a few minutes. when they pulled up, i looked out the window, and a cop car was sitting out there and they walked in the house with 2 cops. my dad said, "whitney, you have to go with these men..." and i, of course, didn't know what to think. i had no clue what i did. apparently i set off the panic alarm when i came upstairs and it's the silent alarm so it just automatically calls the alarm company and the police. they thought i was a burglar and there i was sitting at the dinner table eating a ham sandwich just hanging out, and the cops roll up. if my dad and christine had not gotten there when they did, i would've had 2 huge policemen knocking on the door ready to arrest me. obviously, that would make for a better story, but i don't think i would've known what to do. i left my dad's, drove home and changed clothes, and drove to early/byrd/kennedy/jarrod's house to hang out. byrd was the only one there so we had a nice long talk which was greatly appreciated. seawelly came over right after kennedy and his girlfriend got home. byrd, seawelly, and i went to harris teeter to grab some food because our plans were to watch kill bill 2 and grub all night. instead, we grubbed all night and watched the practice. i'm not sure what happened to the movie, but oh well. i still want to see it and i will one of these days. kandi and michael came over along with thomas. early came home and i guess jarrod had to work late. we had a house full of people, though, and it was good being with everyone. i left kind of early because i was feeling a little weird. i'm not sure what was up, but i just wanted to go home and go to sleep. i've been strange lately and i don't like it at all. today is just one of those days where everything is pissing me off. the first part of the day wasn't bad at all. i woke up really early for some reason and layed around and watched tv, which was very nice. i love sleeping in and then just not even getting out of bed. i went to lonestar with my mom for lunch and that was fun. we went by the store and picked me up another scrapbook so i can finish clearing off my walls. i got a ton of cutesy stuff for them. it'll be my 3rd one, just from crap off my walls. i knew they were covered but i didn't know it would take this much effort to keep everything together. the scrapbooks are so rad though. one of them is fuzzy tiger print and another is fuzzy leopard print. those 2 are huge. i got a 3 ring binder and decorated it and put all of shane's letters in it and all of the pictures from when he was on leave back in november in it. i've been keeping myself busy, to say the least. i also got some beads to make more necklaces with. these are glow in the dark and much cooler than my other ones. i sat around for about an hour earlier screwing around making necklaces and listening to guns n' roses. fun stuff. after that i got bored and sat around for a while thinking, which is never good for me. this time it put me in a pissy mood and i got a headache, and now i think i'm getting sick. my throat has been really scratchy since i woke up and it's definitely getting on my nerves. it goes away when i eat or drink, but 10 minutes later it comes right back. grr... luckily, i got out of the house again. i called jason and i picked him up so we could go to baskin robbins. i'm gonna miss the kid if and when he leaves after this summer. i'm gonna miss a lot of people after this year. college will be great, though. and as long as i get everyone's cellphone number and e-mail address, i guess i'll be alright when it comes time for me to leave and head to boone. after i dropped jason back off at his house, of course i started thinking again and it was downhill from there. now i'm sitting in my room once again, listening to guns n' roses, wishing i didn't have to go to awards day tomorrow. we have to dress up which means i'm stuck wearing a dress or a skirt since i don't own any "nice" pants. it's going to be 3 hours of sitting in a gym listening to people talk and call out names. i remember doing it 9th grade, only then it was probably worse because i wasn't the one getting ready to graduate. i'll get over it. it's only for a day. in good news, we get our yearbooks tomorrow afternoon. it's about time. i just found out that skid row is playing at amos' southend on friday night at 9 PM... which just so happens to be the night grainger comes home from marine boot camp at parris island. i don't think anyone realizes how unbelievably awesome this is because he and i were supposed to see them a long time ago but i guess it got cancelled. i'm so excited. i really, REALLY hope we can make it. i'll be the happiest person alive. i'll definitely be writing him another letter tonight. what a boring day 05.15.04 | 5:07 PM | posted by whit ever since i got home i've been bored out of my mind. there isn't anything to do today really and i think i'm sick of every song i have downloaded. i've been sitting here drinking lemonade all afternoon screwing around on the computer, and then i got the bright idea to put up a new layout since the old one was definitely getting on my nerves. i put this one up just as a half-assed, plain layout that hopefully won't get to me and it's easy to manage. i took the tagboard down for now because when the summer finally hits, i will hardly be at home. i won't have the time to go through and weed out the immaturity, so i'm nixing it all together. yay! i put all the pictures up. i must've reset my camera the other day and set the clock back wrong because all of the recent pictures say that they're from may 2003, and obviously it isn't may 2003. ignore that. :D i suppose i'll go take a shower and figure out where i'm gonna wind up tonight. anyone doing anything interesting? and again 05.15.04 | 1:14 PM | posted by whit another faker on i know who's doing it, and i've known all along. you people are so incredibly stupid. enjoy. [edit] taken care of. ;) pictures from this past week will be up in the gallery soon. i got quite a few yesterday. some are from when danny and jason came to visit, some are from the senior slide show yesterday, and some are from last night at matt's. i missed my buddies :) [/edit] unbelievable 05.12.04 | 8:28 PM | posted by whit i must be the biggest idiot for watching that nick berg video. i cannot believe what i just saw and read... and that was the most horrifying thing i've ever seen in my entire life. i've had 3 friends come back from that place and they're fine, and i wasn't quite as worried as i had been before they went. now i think i'm going to lose my mind if and when other friends get shipped there. this is sickening. oh shiz! 05.12.04 | 5:04 PM | posted by whit i'm exempt from my AP chem final exam! i don't think anyone in the world knows how happy that makes me. life has been good to me. i don't have to be at school on thursday until like, 1 PM? i think. that's ridiculous. i was definitely dreading that one. i'm going to get mexican food with danny. i just got mexican last night for dinner, too. i'm thinking i'll be sick of it for a while after tonight. i'll have to wait a while until grainger gets home because he's my mi pueblo buddy now, and i owe him quite a few trips because he's been gone all this time. i'm gonna go get ready... :D another fake 05.11.04 | 2:58 PM | posted by whit someone decided to make another account on with my pictures under the name PinkyBaby177. it's not me. it's another loser with too much time. anyway, ignore the crap. they decided to start a rumor that i had a boob job. i don't need a boob job... if i had a boob job, i wouldn't be able to walk. why would someone be that stupid? i'm gonna get out of here. chemistry exam 05.11.04 | 1:04 PM | posted by whit i just got back to career center. i wound up going to the mall to get lunch again because there's really nothing better to do after morning exams. i had my AP chemistry exam from 7:15-11:45 today and holy crap it was long. i had forgotten there were going to be so many free response questions. i was actually thinking last night about not taking it, but that would be a waste of $80 and the year-long agony of the class... so even if i got a 1 on the exam, i suppose it's better than not trying and throwing away the tiny chance of getting a 3 or better. oh well. i despise the class and i'm so glad it's coming to an end. perhaps this class will be like physics last year. i didn't enjoy it while i was taking it, but now i realize how much fun i had with everyone in there and i did learn a lot. i'm kind of doubting that chemistry will turn out the same way, however. i've remembered basically nothing and it's not like i really talk to anyone in that class anyway. the people i do talk to i probably won't see ever again. calculus is starting in about 10 minutes and i really don't feel like thinking anymore today. we're only working on our projects but i just kinda want to go home and sit on the computer and then go to sleep. sucky. gotta go. byeee... hmm 05.09.04 | 8:58 PM | posted by whit i had an interesting weekend, to say the least. i spent all of today in raleigh with my mom, her boyfriend, my grandparents, and my uncle. it was fun and it was good to finally see my grandparents' new place. it brought back so many memories of their old house in south carolina and i miss it :( i need to go to raleigh more often. it felt good to be around all them today, 'cause that doesn't happen often. i stopped by my dad's yesterday afternoon to give christine a mother's day card because i wouldn't get to see her today. my dad cooked me dinner and i sat and did absolutely nothing for a few hours, but it was good to spend some time over there. last night i was supposed to meet adam at waffle house, and instead i met stacey (good friend of mine from 3 years back) and it brought about an awkward situation with adam and he ended up leaving, so i spent the evening talking to stacey about anything and everything. we had fun watching all the waffle house drama... definitely. dustan saved rebecca from her prom night hell and they just so happened to stop by waffle house so it was fun goofing off for a while. poor girl... she was walking around town in bare feet because she somehow lost her shoes? come on, rebecca. wtf? i got home sometime between 3:30 and 4 this morning and crashed pretty quickly afterwards... kinda tired after a night like that. i'm not exactly looking forward to school tomorrow, but i only have 10 more days in this place and i'm good to go! i've been looking forward to this since day 1 of freshman year. it's about time! pictures are up from this weekend. 3 hour break 05.05.04 | 1:41 PM | posted by whit the AP calculus exam was this morning, and since we got out around 11:30-11:45 this morning, i have a nice close-to-3-hour break this morning/afternoon. it's awesome. i went to the mall and got sbarro's, and found a really cool pair of earrings for 5 bucks. now the only dilemma i have is making the holes in my ears small enough so i can actually wear them. they're the regular sized earrings (what is that like a 20?) and all of mine are gauged to the point where the earrings would probably go all the way through. oh well. i'll take them out sooner or later. i'm sitting with ben and travis in the computer lab back at career center because the mall got boring after an hour or so. now we have another 30 minutes before class starts, and even then, i'm pretty sure we won't be doing much besides playing party poker and watching stupid ebaumsworld videos. i'm gonna go. i'll post later on. 19 days to go 05.03.04 | 6:04 PM | posted by whit pictures are up from prom on saturday night. thank you, john, for a fun night. i've never seen guys play DDR quite like you and zach did. the tux's brought a crowd in ;) and i don't think anyone expected an iron maiden mosh pit that night, either. i went to james's house after prom with him and some friends and stayed there for the night. i met some cool people and it was a good night. too bad he's off to bragg again! =\ now it's monday and i'm sitting here eating my wendy's when i should be studying for the practice chemistry exam. i'm really getting sick of these practice tests. they may be practice but that doesn't mean they don't create headaches. yuck. i'm almost finished with this place :)

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