Expanding My Horizons

51qg-crvr-l_aa280_ a lot of the girls at work have been taking an aerobic pole dancing class. supposedly, it’s a hell of a workout and it’s a lot of fun. i’m pretty reserved when it comes to these kind of activities (meaning working out) so doing something like this is about <-------------------------------------------------> far out of my comfort zone. that’s really far, by the way. keep in mind, when i work out, it’s either when the gym is completely empty (1 or 2 people is okay depending on what mood i’m in) or it’s in my living room.

needless to say, working out with a pole around a group of women (most of whom i don’t know) scares the bejesus out of me. however, i’m sucking it up and doing it because it could be fun. and it gave me a reason to buy these sweet babies.

classes start on tuesday. it’s $185 for 8 weeks and you take a second “practice” class once a week in addition to tuesday nights. i’ll let you know how it goes. :blush:

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