i’m not dead–just… preoccupied. and i’ve been preoccupied with anything that does not involve sitting in front of the computer. well, unless i’m at work. and then i have no choice.

this is the longest i’ve gone without either going home, to boone, or to mooresville, in years. it’s been… 3 months… since the last time i went to either of my parents’ houses, or hung out with my friends. it just sucks. depression and PMS and homesickness hit me all at once this month, and i am just about to lose my marbles. all of them.

so i decided to fix that problem. this weekend is a long weekend, and it just so happens to be my birthday. :blush: so for my birthday, i want to go home. the best part? my favorite people in the world are having a party for the 4th, and brett and i will be there. this makes me unbelievably happy.

not only that, but brett hit the nail on the head for my birthday.

VS bathing suit & a t-shirt i’ve wanted FOR-EV-ER

i can’t wait to see my family. and my friends. and the animals. and most of all, i can’t wait to get the hell out of charleston.