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Friday, June 30, 2006

it’s strange how a “What DnD character are you?” online quiz can tell you how compatible you and your significant other are… hahaha. what’s also strange is we both got entirely too excited over taking it and argued over who was better but we got close to the exact same results. half elves FTW!!!

this month is going to kill meee

i’m super excited about my birthday but the thought of more days passing is driving me insane. adam leaves at the end of this month and it keeps creeping up on us and i am dreading the morning he leaves so much. i’m also dreading moving all our stuff to storage and moving all my […]

jill, i need your helmet

Sunday, June 25, 2006

adam’s been in the field since thursday at 4AM so i headed home for the weekend until this afternoon. i haven’t seen a lot of people since i moved to fort bragg and i hadn’t been home since then either so it was the perfect opportunity to get out of here for a bit and […]

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