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Friday, July 29, 2005

adam is here from chicago and we’re all partying at matt’s tonight. i’m excited. i’ll be partying sober tonight, though. ben, ali, liz, nathan, and i went bowling in greensboro last night and had pitchers of budweiser. apparently i had too much. today was my last day at work and i wasn’t even able to […]

OMG pain

Thursday, July 28, 2005

i have the worst headache i’ve had in a long time… this is so shitty. i was gonna meet up with rodda because his dad’s band is playing tonight and then go bowling with ali, nathan, ben, and whoever else is going. if this headache doesn’t go away i won’t be going anywhere. it’s the […]


last night was way too much… brendan IMed me last night around 9 and told me he was home from myrtle. this is one of the guys i lived with down there when i went on vacation. so i got all excited and went and picked him up and we went driving around trying to […]

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